Superior Quality Seafood™

Other seafood companies may say they lead in quality but, at High Liner, we walk the walk. We run our products through the most rigorous process in the industry, so that when you open a box of High Liner, Superior Quality Seafood™ is guaranteed. This strict process is in place for one reason: so you can stake your reputation on our seafood. Our ten-step process is a simple way to guarantee that Seafood is Better™.

Our ten-step process


Careful supplier screening

It all starts here. Only partners that meet our very strict requirements can supply us with seafood.


Ongoing product specification development

We set the bar really high. Our cuts of seafood and product attributes are always what you expect them to be.


Constant site supervision

High Liner agents and inspectors monitor, verify, and support our approved supplier base to ensure that our high‑quality standards are upheld around the world.


Product analysis

We sample and test products at all points in the production process to ensure our specifications are adhered to.


Continuous monitoring

We have full transparency into the operations of the plants that handle our seafood. This provides assurance that standards are met, and remain true to our specifications.


Controls of farmed seafood

Our farmed seafood is raised in environments that meet the requirements of our Responsibly Sourced sustainability criteria.



The High Liner Procurement system ensures we have the ability to trace all of our products to the source and throughout the logistics chain.


Tamper‑proof shipping containers

Each container is security sealed to ensure the integrity of the product within.


Monitored shipping

All incoming full load shipments shipments are sealed and temperature monitored to ensure wholesomeness of our products.


The final inspection

Our seafood quality inspection would not be complete without the final check. High Liner maintains the highest level of final inspection in the industry to ensure our products meet your exacting standards.